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Her tattoo-covered arms and dark black hair set her apart from many of the show’s perky, blond female housemates primarily interested in partying and hooking up with their roommates. In the past, Sarah has dated only women, and she is now in a monogamous relationship with a man.She doesn’t define her sexuality, but knows that a lot of other people would like her to.AE: Were you apprehensive about the people they were going to place you with?SR: Yes, I was convinced, based on what people were telling me — friends were like “You know you’re going to be the only one like you.Putting your personal life on a show like does beg for some explanations, and sets up expectations of an on-camera romantic rendezvous.

These days, "Real World" and "Challenge" vet Devyn Simone is helping folks navigate the online world of dating -- but the MTV cast member will no longer need any assistance landing Mr. The "Battle of the Seasons" and "Free Agents" finalist -- who memorably had a romantic connection with fellow competitor Big Easy -- tweeted her big relationship news shortly after accepting her beau's proposal.

It felt so good to be in a house with people who felt the same way I did. I like to say we’re like an entire flock of black sheep.

The Real World: Brooklyn Reunion premiered on April 1, 2009, following the premiere of the season finale.

Sarah Rice may have smooched a few frogs during her "Challenge" tenure -- Vinny Foti on "Fresh Meat 2" and Jordan Wiseley on "Rivals 2" (who helped her secure an overdue win on "Battle of the Exes 2") -- but now the standout competitor has found her one and only and is officially a Mrs.

The "Real World: Brooklyn" alum -- who announced her engagement in October -- said "I do" to Landon Patterson over Memorial Day weekend in picturesque Palm Springs.

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