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Even better was the chkmeruli, a tabaka chicken simmered in a crock of milk with garlic and showered with cilantro and dill.Another classic chicken dish, sacivi, comes stewed in creamy walnut sauce.(There’s also a rock star video of a dude jamming Hendrix-style in his puffball hat, so papaxi never go out style.) Take a sip of the startling green “lemonade” soda infused with tarragon — looks like Scope, tastes like a cream soda version of nonalcoholic absinthe — and you can truly channel your inner-Tblisi on Bustleton vibe.What’s most fascinating about this restaurant is that Georgian cuisine (not to mention its ancient wines, conveniently well-stocked at the state store just down the street) is unique among the former Soviet republics with its reliance on walnuts, beans and pomegranate.

A crusty loaf of shoti, fresh off the toné’s hot domed walls, is ready to sop up every last drop, and then draw me, not to mention every Georgian in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, back for more.

Georgian Bread 10865 Bustleton Ave., Philadelphia; 215-677-4323 or 267-481-1971,

Come for the distinctive boat-shaped breads baked in a huge tandoor-like hearth called a "tone," then grab a seat at a picnic table in the dining room for a feast of other homey specialties that make Georgian food one of Central Europe's most distinctive cuisines, rich in walnuts, pomegranates, stews and cheese-laden khachapuri.

Northeast Philly already has a treasure of culinary options representing republics once dominated by the Soviet empire, but this casual restaurant fills-in a void in Georgian cuisine that's been empty for a few years.

MENU HIGHLIGHTSKhachapuri (adjaruli; imeruli); khinkali dumplings; ground meat "kababi:; chakapuli veal stew; ostri beef stew; sup-kharcho beef soup; lobio kotanshi; chkmeruli (tabaka chicken stewed in milk); eggplant with walnuts; beets with walnuts.

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From creamy pots of pureed lobio red beans served in mini-earthenware pots to the chakapuli of wine-braised tender veal served in a cilantro-scented broth ribboned with spinach, this menu is full of warming, rustic fare that’s perfect for cold-weather eating.

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