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Columns G-I and J-L are for the years 20, respectively.

Thus, with this table, you can see how many months each device will be out of warranty for the year and what the support cost will be for the year.

Calling in support on an out-of-support device not only delays the repair, but it also usually costs more because you miss the economy of scale when it is part of a large contract.

Some support vendors will add the device to the contract at the next true-up but will charge time and materials for the current incident.

You may see a note that they have been given 90 extra days to pay their membership fee.

Let’s keep this organized, so don’t add more than is required.

That will make it easier for everyone to see what’s going on.

This would keep your from asking for their next payment and making them explain a potentially embarrassing situation again. For example if a member pays by credit card through Membership Works the payment is automatically recorded and their next renewal date updated.

However, if they pay manually by check the administrator will need to enter the payment and update the next renewal date once the check clears the bank.

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