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However, some critics have complained that the programme is "too scripted" and would benefit from more improvisation.One review said, "However most of the programme is essentially listening to four rather silly pre-scripted stories, as if it's story time at primary school, and as such the real facts are often rather easy to spot in comparison.trial Headbanner Node.outer Height() : 0; var headbanner Height = is Headbanner Visible ?The game is chaired by David Mitchell and is described in the programme's introduction as "the panel game built on truth and lies." The object of the game is to lie on a subject, whilst also trying to include the truth without being detected.Its failures as a quiz are admirably demonstrated by the fact that the scoring is now inverse to the drollery, so that Clive scores no points at all, and Lucy Porter sometimes wins.I don't care about scoring when it's like I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue and it's meant to mean nothing, but they can't all be spoof game-shows.

On occasion, panellists have included more than five truths during in their talk, often unintentionally, although Jo Brand included an extra fact about Henry VIII as she thought it was so fantastic. Many reviews have praised Mitchell's presentation of the programme, saying, "Mitchell's quick, intelligent wit gives it an edge that it would otherwise lack." Elizabeth Mahoney in The Guardian enthused: "From the first moments of its plinky plonky theme tune, 'The Unbelievable Truth' is a delight ...

the success of the format isn't about how convincingly you can spin a tall story, but how well you can sneak incongruous true facts into a lot of silly nonsense.

The pleasure here – David Mitchell's endearing squareness apart – is the depths to which this silliness sinks".

More wide ranging and inventive than its TV equivalent ...

this is a classic format which might well just last as long as say, Just a Minute", and Sarah Montague on Pick of the Week said of series six: "Radio 4 doesn't always get comedy right, but its comedy series The Unbelievable Truth is so funny that most presenters of this programme want to include a clip".

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More often than not, new episodes were watched more than any other show on the BBC’s online video service.

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