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JACK [rolls eyes, passes the book to his mother]: It’s not about anything, it’s unreadable.

* Regiomontanus: His Life and Work: Volume 1, by Ernst Zinner Epic, detailed, stunning evocation of Regiomontanus.

I’m on a lucky streak, got the Midas touch, I have. Perhaps a bit too generous towards its subject in places for my tastes, but it certainly covers all the ground.

JACK’S MUM [aside to the audience]: Don’t ‘e take after me? My focus when I bought this was on the people who carried on Kircher’s legacy, which turned out to be a very small group indeed.

I’ve long wanted to read this, but until this year (when I found myself wanting to know whether Regiomontanus might have seen Vat. 1291 when it arrived in Rome), I could never quite justify the cost.

Regardless, it turns out that it’s well worth the money – recommended.

JACK APPROACHES A BOOKSELLER WITH A MOUSTACHE AND TWINKLING EYES. So what priceless Mac Guffin will I exchange our possessions for this week? [He brandishes the Voynich Manuscript] Behold – the world’s most unreadable manuscript! Of course, as a cipher historian who cannot for the life of me see any actual connection between La Buse and “his” cryptogram, there could be no place set for me at that particular table – for realistically, where would the mystery be without the cryptogram?

Nice little book on Australia’s surprising war-time cryptology effort, something that tends to get trampled by gung-ho American cryptology historians. Interpretation: Sizing Up the Money Pit: Volume 3, by G. Bath * Anson’s Gold: and the Secret to Captain Kidd’s Charts, by George Edmunds I reviewed Bath’s books and Edmunds’ book in my blog.

* French Painting in the Time of Jean de Berry, by Millard Meiss Splendidly detailed book, but don’t buy it expecting lots of extraordinary pictures, it’s mainly fine-detailed history.

🙂 * Solution of the Voynich Manuscript, by Leo Levitov I’ve been meaning to buy a copy of this for myself for ages, and finally got round to it.

* Sleepwalkers, by Arthur Koestler A readable (but now rather dated) account of the development of astronomy.

* Humanism, Scholasticism, and the Theology and Preaching of Domenico de’ Domenichi in the Italian Renaissance, by Martin F. I wanted to know more about Domenico de’ Domenichi (who owned Vat. 1291), and this is probably the best book on the subject out there. Stinger I bought this to cast a light on what was going on in Rome circa 1460-1470, where some of my secondary Voynich research paths are now starting to vaguely lead towards.

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