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Short films are generally used by filmmakers to gain experience or prove their talent in order to gain funding for future films from private investors, entertainment companies, or film studios.Longer and shorter films coexisted with similar popularity throughout the early days of film. By the 1920s, a ticket purchased a varied program including a feature and several supporting works from categories such as second feature, short comedy, 5–10 minute cartoon, travelogue and newsreel.Similarly unconventional filmmaking techniques such as Pixilation or narratives that are told without dialogue, are more often seen in short films than features.Tropfest claims to be the world's largest short film festival.In the 1930s, the distribution system changed in many countries, owing to the Great Depression.Instead of the cinema owner assembling a program of their own choice, the studios sold a package centered on a main and supporting feature, a cartoon and little else."Prosumer" or semi-professional cameras now cost under US,000, and free or low-cost software is widely available that is capable of video editing, post-production work and DVD authoring.

Warner Bros., one of the most prolific of the golden era, shut down its studio permanently in 1969.The term featurette originally applied to a film longer than a short subject, but shorter than a standard feature film.The increasingly rare term "short subject" means approximately the same thing.However, comedy short films were produced in large numbers compared to lengthy features such as D. Short comedies were especially popular, and typically came in a serial or series (such as the Our Gang movies, or the many outings of Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp character).Even though there was often no set release schedule, these series could be considered somewhat like a modern TV sitcom – lower in status than feature films but nevertheless very popular (comedians such as Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton all 'graduated' from shorts to features).

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