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That’s the point of being a group, have different strengths, to have different tones and play around with that.

Related: Bleachers: Jack Antonoff On How Girlfriend Lena Dunham and Trump Inspired New Album Girl bands, historically, don’t have as much longevity as boy bands.

I feel like we were way cooler...there was more to us than this pop realm they were trying to keep us in. And in the context of our group, we had to bring ourselves together and our voices together.

In the writing process, we got to explore ourselves individually and in the context of creating music for of us.

In her own statement, Cabello contested that version of events, though both sides wished the other the best of luck.

We’re just grateful to be able to continue it and that there are people really connect with it.

That pact replaces the more stringent contract they signed as music industry novices after —the type of deal that favors corporate suits more than the artist.

The girl group’s new album, preceded by the more urban and grittier-sounding lead single, “Down,” and second single, “Angel,” is proof of a maturity acquired through their ups and downs.

To be 100 percent in that world with each other is magical.“Work From Home” was such a blockbuster anthem last year.

Was there pressure to try and top that without reproducing a version of it?

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