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Again, this step is the same than the one explained in the tutorial about creating a new armour for Skyrim.Just follow the indications given here: Adjust the armour in Nif Skope.This tutorial shows all the main steps you need to follow to convert an existing armour or outfit to a different body for Skyrim.

Follow the process explained here: Export the armour to do it.Once you have successfully adapted the _0armour mesh to the new body, you can begin working with the conversion of the armour to the corresponding _1body mesh.Take the _0armour mesh you've just adapted (don't use the existing _1armour mesh for the original body to do this, just workwith your adapted _0armour mesh) and follow the steps explained here: Create the _1armour mesh to adapt it to the new body.That's why you have to rebuild completely the weights of the armour.To rebuild the weights of your armour, follow the steps explained in Add weights to the armour.

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