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Verily the noblest among you is he who is the most pious.” In contrast, the NOI has a pronounced anti-white bias.

They refer to blacks as God’s chosen people and Caucasians as white devils.

WE BELIEVE this is the time in history for the separation of the so-called Negroes and the so-called white Americans.

We want our people in America whose parents or grandparents were descendants from slaves, to be allowed to establish a separate state or territory of their own--either on this continent or elsewhere.

Proper Islam is a universal religion open to people of every race.

Muslims are supposed to differentiate between people on the basis, not of ethnic origin, but of piety and upright behavior.

Louis Farrakhan, current leader of the Nation of Islam, finally allowed to enter the UK after a court orders the lifting of a 15-year government ban.

Moreover, the NOI is a segregationalist organization exclusively for black people descended from slaves.We want all black children educated, taught and trained by their own teachers.We believe that intermarriage or race mixing should be prohibited.Former NOI members who recognized anti-white racism as folly and converted to proper Islam include Malcolm X and the world champion heavyweight boxer, Muhammad Ali.Both spoke out on the subject: “[The Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca] was an exhilarating experience to see people belonging to different colors, races and nationalities, kings, heads of states and ordinary men from very poor countries all clad in two simple white sheets praying to God without any sense of either pride or inferiority.

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