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Se trata de una práctica que se produce en entornos de software social cuyos mejores exponentes son los sitios compartidos como en Flickr (fotos), Tagzania (lugares), flof (lugares) o 43 Things (deseos). The author explains that founder Richard Cameron presented his social tagging tool to conference delegates as a means for scientists to classify literature and articles for the purpose of sharing and identifying information relevant to their needs. "General Instructions For Manually Tagging Formatted Bibliographies using the Ref Works Format.: Converting Access to End Note, Pro Cite or Reference Manager". The Age of Image predates and is currently contemporaneous with the Information Age.In order to import references that have been formatted into a bibliography the references will need to have tags added in order for Ref Works to read (import) the bibliography and parse the data particles into the correct reference types and fields. In our times the explosive expansion of Web 2.0 Social Space, typified by the phenomena of De.licio.us, Flickr, My Space, You Tube..., and the concomitant emergence of folksonomy, present interesting challenges in the management of this information.The source code provides also a PNG converter and a viewer featuring an hardware acceleration based on the Open GL API.testtube is a Python based continuous test runner. Keep this in mind if you intend to create lots and lots of these.testtube's stir command can, based on a configuration file, monitor a directory for file changes and execute a pre-configured set of tests when changes occur. To build, run ``python bootstrap/bootstrap.py`` and then ``bin/buildout`` from this directory.This software also provides an interface to look for these entities in any given text. Often doesn't contain any additons to Geo Node but it acts as a holding place for changes pending to roll into Geo Node or changes that cannot be pushed upstream.A ready-to-use library which eases the manipulation of JSON-like documents, so that you can focus on logic instead of losing time in formal document manipulations.* pydcmio_dicomanonymizer: can be used to anonymize DICOM files (experimental).* pydcmio_transcode: can be used to transcode the subject identifiers.

Features in-game administration of game servers, multiple user access levels, and database storage.Generally, Relay lets you minimize the difference between a metric and a target timeseries. Similar to Marathon, but designed for applications that exit often or need to be auto-scaled using Relay's algorithm A smart thermostat.Given a metric, or some timeseries that should approach a given target, add heat or coolant as necessary You can use Relay to auto-scale workers in large distributed systems or do anything a thermostat might do.BTree-based persistent dict-like objects (regular dict and ordered) that can be used as base classes. A clean, non-system Python is strongly recommended. En las aplicaciones Web 2.0, ya se trate de blogs o de otras aplicaciones, se tienden a usar sistemas de categorización dinámicos no basados en lenguajes controlados, donde el usuario anota aquellos términos que pueden parecerle relevantes para ser localizadas por otros usuarios.

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