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He will be retried on at least some of the charges. Baby For Sale Paul Marquez probably looked over the ‘for sale’ section for quite awhile before trying to sell a baby on Craigslist.

The internet swap meet does not maintain a section for human trafficking. Marquez posted the ad out of irritation with his newfound girlfriend who mothered the child.

Along with his mentor, Richard Beasley, Rafferty placed ads on Craigslist seeking laborers to work on a fictitious Ohio ranch.

Instead of employment, respondents were murdered and robbed.

Social networking, for example, puts people at risk when managed improperly.

That’s why when you try and hire someone, you should use Employment Background And local advertising sites like Craigslist literally open the door for strangers to come into our lives.

Once there, she was coaxed into an upper area of the home and murdered in cold blood.

Michael Anderson, her killer, was a 19 year old man with poor social skills. Olson with a .357 caliber handgun, before dragging her body down the stairs and tying her up.

According to the casework, the pair promised the student an opportunity to meet famous stars like P-Diddy and the rapper Lil John.Instead, she was forced to prostitute herself using Craigslist ads.The 2007 crime brought the victim from her home in North Carolina to Queens New York where the plot unfolded.For his role, Carlton Simmons was sentenced to six years in prison. Donna Jou Disappearance Some Craigslist crimes go unsolved, partly because of the nature of the site.Often, one-on-one meetings are arranged on Craigslist, which is never a good idea. Jou, a man has already confessed to involuntary manslaughter and served a portion of the 5-year term he received for the crime.

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The duo successful snuffed-out three job-seekers, attempting to kill a fourth man who escaped.

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