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They yearn to be needed, appreciated, and indispensable.I talked with a woman who had relations with a quad she was caring for, and she pointed out that she felt safe with him.In fact, after talking to multiple admirers I came to find they appear to be pretty average guys, or above average.Some of them are successful and educated, but what is it about a disabled person that does the trick? I created an anonymous survey that gathered some interesting information.Anyway, for the purpose of this article let’s refer to the guys who like it purely because of sex with fake profiles as When I was a younger in my injury I got the devos and the porn sites hitting me up, but not so much now.Now, I get guys asking me how my day was and offering to mail me catheters from their country when they saw me cry about catheters on too many times, but they’re not sending me dick pics and asking me vulgar questions.Some had cared for someone growing up, and they were comfortable with that.

However, when I read a devo erotic story they portrayed her as independent, but very insecure.Many of them would self-deprecate without even realizing it.Partners with disabilities, in general, are less intimidating and more appreciative of attention, but that’s where it gets interesting.What I found is the majority of admirers/devos (most of which are men in their 20’s and 30’s) are attracted to paraplegics, quads, and amputees (with a few variances).I found it interesting to find commonalities among their answers.

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