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After retirement, Koman stayed within the Dynamo's football academy as a coach for five decades. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, he headed FC Dynamo-3 Kyiv in 1993 until it was dissolved in 2008.

Eight players of the Uzhhorod team were transferred the very next day to Kyiv.

He later had a son, Mykhaylo Mykhaylovich Koman (born 1991), from his second marriage.

The organization has also been criticized for executive pay raises, administrative costs, affiliations with certain sponsors and claims that it used misleading statistics in advertising.

That same fiscal year, Komen reported approximately US0 million in expenses.

3.2 million of this went towards program services: .4 million (20.9 % of total expenditure) went to research, 0.8 million (39.1 %) went to public health education, .9 million (13 %) went to health screening services, and .1 million (5.6 %) went to treatment services.

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