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The clave pattern sounds very similar to the two-three or three-two son clave of Cuban styles such as mambo but is dissimilar in that the "two" side of the clave is pushed by an eighth note.Also important in the percussion section for bossa nova is the cabasa, which plays a steady sixteenth-note pattern.

The authorship of the term "bossa nova" is attributed to the then-young journalist Moyses Fuks, who was promoting the event.Aside from the guitar style, João Gilberto's other innovation was the projection of the singing voice.Prior to bossa nova, Brazilian singers employed brassy, almost operatic styles.Within the artistic beach culture of the late 1950s in Rio de Janeiro, the term "bossa" was used to refer to any new "trend" or "fashionable wave".In his book Bossa Nova, Brazilian author Ruy Castro asserts that "bossa" was already in use in the 1950s by musicians as a word to characterize someone's knack for playing or singing idiosyncratically.

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