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The temperature of the sand around the egg affects how long the turtle needs to grow before hatching. This is called temperature-dependent sex determination. Rising climate due to global warming is affecting this sensitive egg development, interrupting the proportions of males to females among sea turtles.These are just a few of the ways we are directly and indirectly harming sea turtles. Sea turtles serve important ecological functions and we need them to survive.The other sea turtle numbers are not as low, but all are in the tens or hundreds of thousands.Consider that their populations used to include millions and millions of sea turtles. The reproductive rates of the turtles are slow, so it is difficult for them to recover from slaughter by poachers and fishermen.Hawksbill global population, at about 8,000 nesting females, is one of the most frightening scenarios.The hawksbill’s population has been cut by more than 80% in just 100 years.

It is illegal for fishermen to ignore precautions that help protect sea turtles.These reptiles play vital roles in their food webs that affect humans.For example, some jellyfish eat the larvae of fishes that are wanted for human consumption.Between slow maturation and a high death rate, it is a very real possibility that these endangered creatures will become extinct.It is crucial for us to realize this and take action to help and protect them.

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To glimpse any one of the sea turtles who nest in Costa Rica is an inspiring experience.

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