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Put your mind at ease over the Zicasso planning process and embrace the excitement of your dream Costa Rica tour. The capital of Costa Rica contains an ineffable charm that is strewn beneath the potholed streets and mishmash of corrugated metal and plaster homes.The chaos of rumbling cars, buses, and people reveal a connection to the capitals of Central America but give way to the mixture of traditional and historical buildings.The government helps to regulate industry and development to keep the biodiversity intact and rewards eco-friendly hotels, tour providers, and those that implement green business practices to help sustain the awe-inspiring beauty of the celebrated biodiversity.This allows Costa Rica to stay on track to become the first carbon-neutral country in the world, meeting its energy needs through a combination of hydroelectric, wind, and geothermal power.It is easy to fall in love with the beauty, and the relaxed pace of Costa Rica captures a wealth of cultural and natural histories that spread from Guanacaste to San Jose, Tortuguero to the Osa Peninsula.Your introduction to Costa Rica will provide easy to access, practical information that will better acquaint you with everything from the must-do activities and sites to visa questions, pre-trip healthcare worries, and the hidden wonders of Central America’s most exciting destination.This lunar motion will activate the areas of your chart associated with community and long-distance travel.On these dates, don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself yearning to get out of town.

From the Pacific Coast to the Caribbean Sea and the expanse of lush jungles in between, Costa Rica is a place where time slows down and where you can lose yourself in the very essence of life.

When abundant Jupiter illuminates this ethereal domain, you are guaranteed to find success in your self-actualizing pursuits. By the end of 2018, you’ll be exuding positivity and optimism, delighting in your newly renewed faith.

All planets go backward, but this year, pay extra close attention to your planetary ruler’s retrograde, which may fog up your rose-tinted glasses. For the past three years, taskmaster Saturn has been brutalizing your own constellation, wreaking havoc in nearly every area of your life.

For the majority of 2018, your planetary ruler, Jupiter, prances across the Scorpio sky, a motion that reverberates throughout your deeply psychological twelfth house.

The twelfth house is associated with psychic powers, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. When Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, it will feel like you just won the cosmic jackpot.

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, native Costa Ricans, greet one another in the relaxed rhythm of the day, waving and saying “pura vida” as they pass to celebrate living life their preferred ways.

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