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When you are starting your own online dating business, creating a website is only the first step, albeit a pretty tough one.Your site must be unique, appealing, user-friendly, functional and easily monetizable (able to make you money).Begone any excessive skin, cleavage or inappropriate clothing!The pics must not be blurry, fuzzy, or have visible pixelation – in short, they should be of good quality.Using common sense expected from a corporate giant like Facebook should be enough.Thus, profanities, vulgarities, and insults are not allowed.Per the Advertising Standards Authority's (ASA) ruling, a billboard ad for dating website e Harmony featured the headline, "Step aside, fate.

Indeed, Facebook is very useful for the promotion of dating sites, but of course, there’s a catch.e Harmony's scientifically proven matching system decodes the mystery of compatibility and chemistry so you don't have to," the ad continued.A complaint was filed against the ad, claiming that it "was not possible to hold scientific proof about a dating system" and that the ad was "misleading." e Harmony defended the ad, stating that the ad "did not make any specific claims" other than that their matching system was "scientific" and could consequently "provide an advantage" in finding compatible matches over a "chance-based system."Because the evidence provided by e Harmony did not demonstrate that their matching system offered users a significantly greater chance of finding lasting love than what could be achieved if they didn't use the service, we concluded that the claim "scientifically proven matching system" was misleading," concludes the report.eharmony UK's managing director Romain Bertrand said that e Harmony was "conceived on the premise that science and research" could be used to help people find love.

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Most notably, you have to create separate ads targeting men and women if you want to reach both.

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